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Circet Academy: Make your ambitions come true at Circet!

Are you a recent graduate ready to start your career? Have you been working in the telecom industry for years and it's time for a new step? Or maybe you don't have a technical background but are eager to learn a new trade? Whoever you are, you'll grow through our Circet Academy!

We look beyond diplomas

Your motivation is more important to us than your diplomas. We complement your ambitions with the necessary skills, experience, and certifications. You can find all that in our Circet Academy.

Develop yourself in the Circet Academy

With over 200 courses and trainings, the Circet Academy is for everyone. We prepare you for the field, help you grow in your role, or assist you in taking new steps within Circet.

Discover the Circet Academy

Rafal, Fleur, and Cindy have already paved the way

"I was ready for a new step in my career. When I saw that I could undergo a training program to become a Telecom Technician at Circet, I didn't hesitate for a moment. Thanks to the training at the Academy, I can, for the first time in my career in the Netherlands, combine my passion with my work." Rafal Pazdzior

Telecom Technician

"I started at Circet without the necessary technical diplomas or background. It quickly became apparent: at Circet, you can learn fast. Your background doesn't matter, as long as you have the will to learn. I have already completed several courses and training programs." Fleur Manders

Work Planner

"I started at Circet as a work planner. Thanks to training at the Circet Academy, I was able to further develop myself within my current role, something I really wanted. Now, I work with great pleasure as a project leader."

Cindy Kneijber

Project leader

The Circet Academy is all about you

Continuous training and coaching

As a Circet colleague, it's important that you can keep learning and advancing. That's why we regularly offer refresher courses and workshops. Even outside the walls of the Circet Academy, you continue to develop: coaches in the field continuously train you in practice.

Comprehensive training offerings

The Circet Academy offers what you're looking for: we organize courses and training sessions for all employees. From technicians to help desk staff. Experienced specialists in their field will train you.

Practical training programs

You don't learn the trade by reading a theory book. All our training programs are hands-on. In a realistic setting, you work with equipment, tools, and gear that you'll encounter on the job. There's no better preparation.

Focus on soft skills

A job requires more than just technical skills. Your soft skills are equally important. That's why you can also take training sessions in areas such as customer orientation, safety, communication, and commercial insight.